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Have you noticed how amazing you feel after swimming in the sea? Or after spending a couple of hours gardening? This is due to a very real phenomenon called EARTHING. I started looking into earthing about 9 years ago, a

Sicilian Aubergines

Sicily is one of the most historical places I have ever visited. So many civilisations settled there over the centuries, leaving – amongst other things- the most amazing culinary heritage. A lot of the food there reminded me of my

Gluten-free banana pancakes

These pancakes are great for a healthy treat, for breakfast or snack. My kids love them and they actually prefer them to pancakes we order in restaurants now! I like serving them with the best chocolate spread I have ever

Cacao and turmeric energy balls

These are so good yet so easy to make. VEGAN, PALEO and most importantly ANTI-INFLAMMATORY, these energy balls are packed with goodness. Walnuts are great for brain function, full of protein and good fats, dates are a natural anti-fungal so